Thursday, October 25, 2012

We're Just Better Friends

Believe it or not, a divorcing couple can still be friends. Although it may seem unusual, a couple going through a divorce usually with minor children can continue to stay friends despite the situation. There's nothing easier for a family mediator than working with a couple who actually likes each other, wants to do the best thing for the family, and has already agreed to a good portion of the marital division. Mediations like this are a dream and are more common than one might think. So if they like each other, why use a mediator? Why not just do the divorce yourself? Well, it's simple. The family court system can be overwhelming and someone who is new to the system will quickly get lost in the paperwork. A mediator simplifies the process.  The Marital Settlement Agreement and accompanying Parenting Plan are extremely detailed and confusing.  A mediator takes the complexity out of the forms and streamlines the process.  By properly completing the forms, a mediator can prevent the agreements from getting kicked back by a Judge for a lack of specificity or being incomplete.

Sometimes couples are just better friends than spouses. And that formula makes for the perfect pre-suit mediation.