Sunday, August 14, 2011

Best Interest of the Child

As Summer Break comes to a close, there's no better time to remind timesharing families what is most important. Families who have chosen to separate and share time with their child/children are no doubt fighting to have those last few remaining days before the school year begins again. However, the all-encompassing family law motto remains - The Best Interest of the Child.  This time of year should not be a battle between parents themselves or with their children. Parents should place the best interests of their child/children at the forefront.  Going back to school can be a overwhelming and anxious experience for a child, especially one who is just entering elementary school. Put your child/children first and ask "how can we make this transition from summer to school a smooth one." It is crucial to speak to the other parent and collectively decide which environment will help the child/children the most. Obviously, if a written agreement is in place and already addresses this issue, then disregard my instructions.  But never forget that your child/children come first - Always!