Friday, October 3, 2014

FRIDAY-ISM 032 - Happy Kids

Making sure your child is happy is typically one of the most important responsibilities we hold as parents. If your family dynamics are different due to divorce, separation or other circumstances, don't stress about your child's happiness. According to a recent British study, "kids who live with a stepparent or a single parent are just as happy as those in homes with two biological or adoptive parents." The study found that happiness is not determined by the family dynamics. Instead, predictors of happiness include the relationship between siblings, family activities, and having parents that don't shout.  Bottomline - allow you child to thrive in whatever environment they are in by keeping his/her life as carefree, stimulating, and harmonious as possible. Happiness is bound to blossom!

If you're experiencing a divorce, choose family mediation first - it keeps the peace!

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